• Tax benefits:-
    Not Tax Benefits for donations given to Individual Patients.
    Tax Benefits are available for Donations given to Centers of AIIMS and for Scientific Research.
  • Benefits to patient:-
    Your valuable financial contributions will be helping a patient to get their life saving treatment
  • Benefits to patient's family:-
    Financial support from you will reduce the financial burden on the family members which will help in improving the quality of life of patients as well as family members.
  • Online donations :
    These can be made at by clicking online donations at the bottom of the page. Donations can be made for whole of AIIMS or a specific centre of AIIMS (both eligible for 100% tax deduction). Donation can also be made for promoting research at AIIMS (eligible for 175% tax deduction).
  • Offline Donations:
    If you want to submit cheque/ bank draft, it should be in favour of ‘Director, AIIMS’ and/or “Chief, JPNATC, AIIMS” and should be accompanied with a cover letter stating the purpose of the donation. In case the donation is for a specific patient, please mention the UHID of the patient and Kindly let your intention known to us and we will discuss the modalities under ‘adopt a patient program’. List of patients with their UHID’s can be found on our website at the link ‘adopt a patient program’.


  For any information or query please feel free to call Mr Rajeev Maikhuri, Coordinator, ‘Adopt a patient program’ AIIMS, New Delhi at 9868398192 or email at; rajeev maikhuri ‪‬.‬