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  You can adopt a patient in AIIMS by contributing towards the initial and recurring cost of treatment. List of patients provided here is verified and updated by the doctor treating that particular patient. You can donate any amount for any patient although patient requires money mentioned against them.  
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 UHIDNameAgeSexBedWardCenter NameDiagnosisInitial Cost(Lakhs)Recurring Cost(Per Month)Money Required(Lakhs)Purpose for which RequiredTotal Amount donated till dateAmount You would like to Donate 
1. 101127960 RANI . 14 Female 22 NS 3 WARD 3 O/C/O HEAMANGIOBLASTOMA Rs. 125000 Rs. Rs. PORTABLE VENTILATOR. 61100.00
2. 100136526 SACHIN SHARMA 14 Male 23 NS-3 3 O/C/O AAD Rs. 125000 Rs. Rs. PORTABLE VENTILATOR. 39200.00
3. 20130537257 KHUSHBOO 13 Female 24 NS-3 3 O/C/O CVJ ANAMOLY Rs. 125000 Rs. Rs. PORTABLE VENTILATOR. 53501.00
4. 100741362 ROHIT KUMAR 14 Male 40 ns3 ward 3 cvj anamoly Rs. 125000 Rs. Rs. PT. ADMITTED SINCE 23.11.2015 REQUIRE PORTABLE VENTILATOR. 250051.00
5. 102331105 Baby of Imrana 47 Days M NICU B2 0 Maple syrup urine disease Rs. Currently, in hospital treatment is porvided free of cost by the AIIMS. The Family needs support for he special milk and ongoing blood test that to be required in follow up Rs. Rs 10000 per month Rs. Baby is suffering from a genetic disease (Maple syrup urine disease), in which, the usual milk (mother's, powdered or animal milk) feeding produces harmful substances in the body that causes brain damage of the baby. Therefore, the baby has to be fed a special powdered milk, which is costly. In addition, there is need for regular blood testing to ensure that the feeding is appropriate. Proper feeding in these babies can result in intact survival of the baby. The parents had one baby already died of this illness. The father is a private driver and is unable to afford this treatment. 229898.00
6. 102349608 ASHOK KUMAR SINGH 55 Male 2 NS-ICU B 3 Operated Case Of CVJ Anomaly Rs. Rs. Rs. 150000 Patient is quadriplegic and needs full Ventilator support,plan to disharge him with portable Ventilator. 14800.00
7. 100469169 JAI SHARAN 47 Male 710 BMT 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 2,50,000 Rs. 2,50,000 Patient is a diagnosed case of Hodgkin's lymphoma. He had relapsed after initial therapy. He currently need Autologus Bone marrow transplant. He is a newspaper vendor and does not have funds for same. 72000.00
8. 101337341 AMIT KUMAR 25 M 12 TC5 JPNA Trauma Center CERVICAL SPINE INJURY Rs. 500000 Rs. 200000 Rs. 600000 PURCHASE OF PORTABLE VENTILATOR 11600.00
9. 102223315 M D Javed 16 Male 9 TC5 JPNA Trauma Center AAD WITH CNANL COMPROMISE Rs. 3 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs Rs. 5 Lakhs PORTABLE VENTILATOR PURCHASE 14116.00
10. 101421470 RAVINDRA GODE 21 Male JPNA Trauma Center CERVICAL SPINE INJURY Rs. 300000 Lakhs Rs. 200000 Rs. 400000 PORTABLE VENTILATOR PURCHASE 14000.00
11. 100304412 SURYA KANT 22 Male 21 Ns 2 ward 3 O/c/o AAD Rs. 125000 Rs. Rs. 125000 Pt. require portable ventilator.patient is very poor and unable to bear cost. 22199.00
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